jeudi 30 novembre 2006

Village . Chennai

Sometimes in Chennai, we can feel as if we were in a small village...

Christians. Chennai

House and for christmas celebration.

Colours. Chennai

Doing some decoration used by women for wedding ceremonies.

mardi 28 novembre 2006

Pharmacist. Chennai

He is a pharmacist and a very kind guy...

mercredi 22 novembre 2006

Selling fishes

The men were joking about me shoting the woman fish seller, I think she have been a little but confused...


Selling vegetables in the market...

dimanche 19 novembre 2006


A nice meal with rice, herbs and lamb meat. Here there will be many guests...

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

The great sarod player was invited by the Chennai carnatic music festival to perform .

Hindustani music, so different but a wonderful moment.

For who are interested, this festival is performed in trhe second half of december.

No roof anymore.

during the night the river flood caught the house off...the whole family is in the street....

vendredi 17 novembre 2006

A lot of fun. Chennai

A lot of fun we had about making shots in this market...

Yellow. Chennai

Renewing the rickshaw, in the street....

On the door. Chennai

funny kids, on the door of theit house...

A very curious barber. Chennai

The kids wanted absolutely a snap, the barber, hearing something unusual, came out ...and finally it makes a funny shot...

Window. Chennai


A quiet moment. Chennai

Out of the market...

Fish. Chennai

Shopping. chennai

A small market, in triplicane area...

jeudi 16 novembre 2006

Bowls. Chennai

I took this shot from the road which goes up to cross the river. Under it poor people used the road as a roof and builded some "homes".No water, of course, they get it in tanksfulled by trucks; everybody put his bowl, waiting for the water...I went down in the area, first moment not easy, but after a moment good relationship, I have been followed by a mental handycaped man, he wanted to look at every shot.The most difficult have been to convaince him not to come with me out of the area

Living in the street. Chennai

Like many families in India, they live in the street, cooking, sleeping, all what they have to do , they do it on the sidewalk.

Posters to give something personnal...

Terracota. Chennai

Doing some lamps for the rituals in the temple.

Bananas. Chennai

Bananas market in chennai.

Shop. Chennai

In India, you can see little shops like this one everywhere, as well as fresques....

Actor. Chennai

23 th of december;

in the streets of Chennai, many shrines like this one, built and decorated by women.

In india we see and hear theese actors-singers-dancers everywhere.

This is MGR. he was the former chief minister of tamil nadu, and before that a actor who mesmerized (brainwashed- so much so that the people actually believe the hero roles he played in movies and that he would help them in real life) the masses with his movies.

Veena. Chennai

Veena course in Kalakshetra academy....

Tired. Chennai

Tired after a long working day, carrying sand, have to wait for the transport now...

Meeting. Chennai

In a corner, emblematic fresque of the three religions in India...

Contrast. Chennai

Contrast between them, dressing, skin, posture, and other a little market, Triplicane area.

Fingers, teeth and eyes. Chennai

In the night, the river flood invaded the houses again, some of them are gone with the water, no roof anymore for some families.

However, so welcoming!

Wall. Chennai

Graphic is the logo of a politic party.

Water. Chennai

A team is working to renew a street of Chennai.There is a cement mixer, but she is hungry and women have to bring her sand, gravel and for the two women you see here, water, all along the day.
Hard work; however they are so elegant in their gestures that I feeled as if I was watching at a dance performance...

Trafic. Chennai

IN China bazar, so many ways of transport.

mercredi 15 novembre 2006

Keeper. Chennai

Keeper, but of what, the hall is empty...nice opportunity to make a shot, blue and red color, and a nice stripe of light in the shade...

Chai. Chennai

What I could drink twenty times a day: tea, you can have it everywhere, and the sellers are so clever...

Monalisa. Chennai

She was carrying bricks on her head in a small street, I was passing by, some meters after, amazed by her beauty, I came back...she asked me to make a portrait of her.

She feeled that she had impressed me, I guess...

mardi 14 novembre 2006

Bharatha Natyam famous dancer. Madurai

Important day in Kalakshetra academy, students come from everywhere in India for a stage.

She is famous and waiting for giving an interview.

dimanche 12 novembre 2006

Bharata Natyam

Others are studying Bharata Natyam, the traditionnal south India dance , at the famous Kalakshetra academy.

Marina beach.

Spending free time at Marina beach, enjoying the sea...


Two of the first people I met here: women carrying bricks ...